Out of box (OBF) failure criteria:

1. Objective: To define and standardise PhoneFast’s Out of Box Failure (OBF) process and criteria.
2. An OBF is defined as a new handset that is faulty when first activated.
3. Criteria to qualify as a valid OBF:
• The handset must have been supplied by PhoneFast.
• The handset must be returned to the point of sale within 7 days from the date of purchase
• A valid Proof of Purchase must accompany the handset;
• The contents of the box are complete, and the packaging is intact (handset, original battery,
Original charger, original antenna, manual and any other accessories normally included at point of
• The IMEI number on the box must match the IMEI number on the handset;
• There is no physical damage to the handset or it’s accessories or signs of neglect due to
Physical abuse, liquid damage, screen scratched, dents or marks, etc.
Without the above the handset will not be assessed and an OBF will not be issued, the handset will then be treated as a

OBF procedure:

A repair/OBF document will be sent to the client to be filled in and sent back to us on receipt of the document by PhoneFast
the collection will be arranged for the unit to be returned to us.
The unit will then be tested, and a verdict issued
• Please contact the reverse logistics on customerexperiance@phonefast.co.za or on 0874056996 to verify if the handset
qualifies as an OBF
• Verify that the handset was purchased within 7 days (The Invoice will suffice)
• The handset together with all the accessories, in the same condition as purchased, i.e. the box is
Not damaged, no physical damage to the handset etc. needs to be returned to PhoneFast.
A fault description will be submitted on the OBF Validation Schedule. The OBF may be rejected by PhoneFast if this fault
may not be duplicated by the RIA.
If the fault is duplicated the unit will be replaced within 72 hours or depending on stock availability


Apple Devices


Please follow the steps below from a Desktop computer in order to deactivate ‘Find My iPhone’

1. Log into www.icloud.com using your Apple ID
2. Enter ‘Find My iPhone’
3. Select the device in question and click ‘Remove from Account’ (do not erase)
4. Email us back informing that the process is completed